More Port, Please

Portugal has been a blur of small, beautiful moments. Unlike trips I had taken in the past, I let a lot of experiences just happen and let the universe work its magic without trying to force its hand. Whether this meant sleeping in or waking up early, staying inside and choosing to read in my Airbnb,…

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City Guide: San Diego, California

San Diego is one of the most stunning cities in the world. Surrounded by sand and water, there’s a number of ways to spend your time in San Diego, especially if you love food and nature. Home to the best tacos in America, and truly world-class beaches, it’s one of those places you’ll instantly find…

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City Guide: Shanghai, China

(Last Updated: Apr 1 2018) Shanghai is my favorite city in the world (tied with San Francisco). I’ve lived there twice in my life, the second time for three years. If you want the absolute best food scene in the whole world (not exaggerating), the craziest nightlife, and a glimpse of what the future will…

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