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Sparking Joy In a Digital World

My fascination with digital minimalism began when I read Deep Work by Cal Newport back in college. I won’t give a summary of the book here, but can say that it’s one I’ve revisited occasionally over the years–a handbook for focus and discipline that has profounded impacted the way I choose to spend my time in more positive and fulfilling ways.

My enthusiasm for a minimalist lifestyle only increased after reading through Marie Kondo’s famous book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. When I moved home from 3 years of living in Shanghai, not wanting to pay for extra baggage on the flight home forced me to purge most of my belongings, and I’ve never felt the impetus to reaccumulate the things I let go of. Now, my acquisition of new products is an intentional and careful selection process, and it’s helped me develop a deeper appreciation for the material goods I do introduce into my life.

After my vipassana experience in November, the resolve to find joy in the acceptance of my reality was at an all-time high. I uninstalled most social media apps from my phone, turned off notifications, and generally spent more time living, and less time reacting.

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