3 Types of Technical Interviews

This is the third post in the recruiting series that I’m currently writing! I’ve written two other posts, about my recruiting goals, and sourcing companies. In this one, I’ll be laying out the structure of the 3 different types of technical interviews I encountered, what studying techniques worked best for me to prepare for each Read the full article…

Detecting Signal Among the Noise

When I tell my friends that I talked to over 50 companies, most of them are understandably shocked. Seeing this number at the end of my process, I’m a little daunted myself, even though I didn’t kick off interview processes with all of them. Talking to this many companies was certainly not the original objective that I had in mind, so I thought I’d share about my sourcing process for companies that led me to so many—how I built the list, trimmed the list, and what I’d do differently next time.

How I Started Recruiting Again

Recruiting is this whole mysterious black box, and I think that interviewers and candidates would both benefit from a more transparent process. We can’t really do that unless we’re willing to talk in detail about what happens, so here’s me trying to shed some light onto it after exploring over 50 companies this last time around.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Symptoms and Cures From a 0.1x Engineer

It’s been just a little over two years since I decided to make a serious commitment to the journey of programming. I wanted to document as much as I remember of the first hard parts of that journey because I don’t want to forget how unfeasible the idea of becoming an engineer was at that Read the full article…

28 // The most magical year yet

I wrote the following post as an email to my close friends on my 28th birthday, reflecting back on what has been the most fulfilling year of life yet. I was encouraged to share my experiences with self-work more publicly by a few people I trust and admire, so I hope you enjoy a somewhat Read the full article…