3 Types of Technical Interviews

This is the third post in the recruiting series that I’m currently writing! I’ve written two other posts, about my recruiting goals, and sourcing companies. In this one, I’ll be laying out the structure of the 3 different types of technical interviews I encountered, what studying techniques worked best for…

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How I Started Recruiting Again

Recruiting is this whole mysterious black box, and I think that interviewers and candidates would both benefit from a more transparent process. We can’t really do that unless we’re willing to talk in detail about what happens, so here’s me trying to shed some light onto it after exploring over…

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Steamed Whole Seabass · 蒸全鱼

Fish is commonly prepared whole in a lot of Chinese seafood dishes. The striking appearance, along with the flavors of the different parts of the fish, is a delicate, but impressionable, way to prepare whole fish. While this dish looks complicated, preparation is so easy and simple, and always satisfying!

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Honey Prosciutto Avocado Toast

The inspiration for honey prosciutto avocado toast came from a leftover charcuterie board. I found myself with scraps of leftover prosciutto, herbs, and honey, and decided to combine them on top of avocado toast. What I ended up with was a decadent combination of sweet and salty, fresh and rustic.…

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Lemon Herb Avocado Toast

This recipe for avocado toast is one that I find myself making most often, because I usually have the ingredients required in my fridge and pantry already. The lemon and cilantro brighten and balance out the creaminess of the avocado, and the smoked paprika.

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Curried Tumeric Avocado Toast

Curry and tumeric are some of my favorite spices to give a dish a flavorful zing. The fresh garlic in this recipe (as opposed to powdered garlic), gives it a surprising kick of spice. Since this recipe includes a poached egg, olive oil, and fresh avocado, it’s best enjoyed right…

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Birdsong (San Francisco, CA)

As my most beloved restaurant in SF, and possibly in the US, there are so many praises I have to sing about this place and their food philosophy. I’ve eaten here 3 times (the first in their first week of opening), the most number of repeat visits I’ve accumulated for…

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Oma (San Francisco, CA)

Since quarantine began, dining options in San Francisco have become limited. Many restaurants have pivoted towards delivery and takeout options. Despite my love for cooking, I sometimes find myself craving dishes that aren’t feasible to replicate at home. Uni over rice is one of those specific, but infeasible options, because…

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Gado Gado with Spicy Almond Sauce

About a month ago, I happened upon this delicious hole-in-the-wall Indonesian restaurant in LA called Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine. I tried gado gado for the first time, which is one of Indonesia’s five national dishes. My favorite thing about this recipe is how customizable it is; it’s a solid way to…

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Marutama (Vancouver, Canada)

It seems like the ramen craze has penetrated every major city in the world. From Sydney to Amsterdam to San Francisco, every city has a few ramen joints clamoring to be the best outside of Japan. Vancouver is no exception; when I asked around for must-visit food recommendations, the majority…

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Sparking Joy In a Digital World

My fascination with digital minimalism began when I read Deep Work by Cal Newport back in college. I won’t give a summary of the book here, but can say that it’s one I’ve revisited occasionally over the years–a handbook for focus and discipline that has profounded impacted the way I…

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More Port, Please

Portugal has been a blur of small, beautiful moments. Unlike trips I had taken in the past, I let a lot of experiences just happen and let the universe work its magic without trying to force its hand. Whether this meant sleeping in or waking up early, staying inside and choosing…

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Mustafa’s (Berlin, Germany)

After a whirlwind few months of nonstop transitions and different life chapters being written and read with a speed and intensity I simply couldn’t keep up with, I finally found some time to head out of the country for a few weeks. My first stop was in Berlin, where my…

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City Guide: Shanghai, China

(Last Updated: Apr 1 2018) Shanghai is my favorite city in the world (tied with San Francisco). I’ve lived there twice in my life, the second time for three years. If you want the absolute best food scene in the whole world (not exaggerating), the craziest nightlife, and a glimpse…

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